Why bike?

Here at Northeast Transportation Connections, we believe that using a bicycle as a commuting option is a great choice for so many reasons.

b5a21b52576c04301450baf9b71c328aFor one, you reduce your carbon footprint, doing your part to decrease the number of cars on the road. This creates less congestion, less wear on the road system, and improves our air quality here in Denver.

Biking also improves your health by keeping you from sitting in stressful traffic (shown by studies to have significant negative physical and mental effects), instead burning calories, losing weight, and working out your body.


In addition, biking can save you a substantial amount of money: bikes are significantly less expensive to own and maintain than a car, making them a great option for almost anyone.

You also get a chance to slow down and take in your surroundings, reconnecting to your neighborhood, your community, and the natural beauty of Colorado.

We could go on and on, but the truth is there are countless benefits to riding a bicycle, be it health, environmental, economic, or simply personal reasons. So what are you waiting for? After all, it’s as easy as riding a bike!

For more reasons to start biking, check out these 12 reasons to start using a bicycle for transportation.

The NETC Bike Libraries

Want a great way to get some healthy outdoor exercise while doing your part to keep your community on the right path to a greener future? Check out a bicycle from our Bike Libraries! Take it for a spin, then share the exhilarating “re-cycling” idea with your neighbors.


All bicycles are available free of charge to members for up to 48 hours before renewal is required. A $20 donation to the Bike Libraries gets you a year-long membership, and each bike comes with a helmet and a bike lock.

Come visit us to sign up for this unique program and to find out more about our biking events.

Our Bike Libraries are located at:

The Prodigy Bike Library

Prodigy Coffeehouse
3801 E. 40th Ave
open 11am–4pm, Wednesday–Sunday. Ask for former Prodigy Apprentice Jaime Aguilar.

The Focus Points Bike Library

Focus Points Family Resource Center
2501 E. 48th Ave.
open from 9am–5pm, Monday–Friday. Ask for Grace or Laura.

Bike Library membership application form

For more information, please contact Eric Herbst:


Bike Here provides bike routes in the northeast Denver area. We focus on low-stress bike rides to top destinations. Our goal is to deliver you an amazing experience so that you want to try biking again and again. Each ride is tested and then documented to give you the best bike experience. We have handpicked the ride and destination to make it enjoyable and easy to try. Our user testing has taught us that the first 3 bike rides are critical for someone to continue. We provide easy bike rides to help create a new biking habit. Click here for more!

My Way to Go

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has a new and comprehensive tool to help you find alternative commuting options. It’s called My Way to Go. Just enter your starting point and destination, and it will give you maps of the best walking, biking, public transit, and driving routes in your area. It will also help you form carpool and vanpool networks by searching for friendly commuters near you who are going in your direction. Try it out:


My Way to Go includes the fantastic Guaranteed Ride Home program which offers free taxi rides to commuters using alternative transportation modes in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as family emergency, stolen vehicle, unexpected change in shift schedule, etc. This program is available to those whose employers provide RTD EcoPasses or who pay for a stand-alone membership to the program. Check out the website for more information.

Want to learn how to take your bike on an RTD bus or light rail? Want to know about RTD bike storage? Click here.




Northeast area bike map

Here’s a printable version of our bike map for Stapleton, Park Hill, East Montclair, and Northwest Aurora:



Online bike map

Click the map to view our online biking map for the Stapleton, Park Hill, East Montclair, and Northwest Aurora neighborhoods:





Free bike parking at neighborhood events

Want to attend events in the northeast area without having to drive there? We’ll be providing free bike parking all summer long at various events. Click here to view our calendar.




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