Monday September 16th, 2019 - 3:10 pm

¡Este mes vamos a destacar el arte de Yma de la Escuela Primaria Swansea! Por favor recuerde manejar con cuidado, prestar atención a la señalización y seguir los limites de velocidad indicados cuando maneje cerca de la zona de la construcción. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday September 16th, 2019 - 3:10 pm

This month, we are featuring Yma's artwork from Swansea Elementary school! Please remember to drive carefully, pay attention to signage and follow the posted speed limits when driving near the construction and school zone. ... See MoreSee Less

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Monday September 16th, 2019 - 3:09 pm

¡Infórmese antes de salir! La I-70 cerrará entre Steele / Vásquez y la I-270 este fin de semana, del 20 de septiembre a las 10 p.m. hasta el 23 de septiembre a las 5 a.m. Las cuadrillas de construcción colocarán vigas en el puente del Bulevar Colorado, realizarán trabajos de servicios públicos y demolerán el antiguo puente elevado de la I-270. Este cierre completo del fin de semana permite a las cuadrillas de construcción completar el trabajo que podría haber llevado meses de cierres de carriles nocturnos en solo un fin de semana. Eche un vistazo al mapa de desvío para prepararse para este cierre. ... See MoreSee Less

Monday September 16th, 2019 - 3:09 pm

Know Before You Go!

❌I-70 will CLOSE between Steele/Vasquez and I-270 this weekend, Sept. 20 at 10 p.m. through Sept. 23 at 5 a.m.

Construction crews will be setting bridge beams at the Colorado Boulevard bridge, performing utility work and demolishing the old I-270 flyover. This full weekend closure allows construction crews to complete work that could have potentially taken months of nightly lane closures in just one weekend. Take a look at the detour map to prepare for this closure.
... See MoreSee Less

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Learn more about our Central 70 work:

Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are partnering to bring transportation solutions to those who live and work along the I-70 corridor during the Central 70 construction project. We are working to ensure that your commute is as fast, safe, and stress-free as possible.




Construction Projects in GES

Here’s info on 6 construction projects happening in the Globeville / Elyria Swansea neighborhoods!

¡Aquí hay información sobre 6 proyectos de construcción que suceden en los vecindarios de Globeville / Elyria Swansea!






Senior Steppers initiative

A new initiative has launched in Montbello called the Wednesday Senior Steppers, with residents from the Montbello Manor led by Pam Jiner, GirlTrek Organizer and Walk2Connect Leader. Pam was nominated by GirlTrek (a national non-profit organization) as the 2017 Organizer of the Year, and she is the co-chair of Montbello 20/20 (RNO). As a walking advocate and forty-five year resident of the Montbello community, she is focusing her advocacy on the aging population in Montbello through this initiative.

The Wednesday Senior Steppers kicked off last September and meets every Wednesday at 10:30 at the Pavilion in front of the Montbello Manor (4355 Carson St). These weekly walks have become a time of sharing among the members of this diverse group. There are seniors from varying backgrounds including Asian, African, and Latino, with a wide variety of languages spoken. Most of the seniors who walk have been displaced from their home either for financial reasons or because they are unable to live by themselves, and this walk helps bring connection and encourages exercise.

The group meets throughout the year (only taking December off) and continues to grow. The purpose for these walks is to bring hope, health, and community engagement into the lives its participants, encouraging visitors to come walk alongside. Pam Jiner comments, “[The senior residents] have grown stronger physically and mentally since beginning these weekly walks. Their spirits are always high on walk days…”

To ensure that the seniors can safely walk in the coming summer months, Senior Steppers is looking for in-kind and monetary donations to help supply them with appropriate gear. They hope to get 12 of each of the wish list items to ensure enough for the senior community that normally walks. They hope to secure hats (to protect their face and neck), water bottles, and walking sticks.

Monetary donations can be earmarked for Senior Steppers and sent to:

Montbello 2020 (RNO)
P.O. Box 39763
Denver, CO 80239-9763

If you require a tax exempt receipt, please request it with your donation.  For in-kind donations please contact Pam at 720-620-5735.

This is the first in a series of walking programs supported by Walk2Connect in partnership with Northeast Transportation Connections. More walking programs will be promoted through a new initiative called Montbello Walks. This initiative has the goal of getting community members out walking and connecting daily. The initiative will host a variety of walking events to connect Montbello residents, youth, local businesses, and elders with one another and their surroundings. These walks promise to be inviting, meaningful, educational and most of all fun while promoting community health. They will also vary in length and span a variety of paces, abilities, and conditions. For more information on Montbello Walks please visit:

RTD Pass Program Study

The purpose of the study is to evaluate RTD’s existing pass programs, including equity and underlying policies, and recommend whether new pass programs are needed.

The pass program study includes the following steps:

  • Revisiting and refining goals for each pass program

  • Refining pricing and administration of each pass program

  • Recommending pass program policy revisions

  • Recommending criteria for RTD to use in evaluating future proposals for new pass programs

Passes and products being evaluated include:

View our current fares and pass programs

Pass Program Working Group

The 25-member working group convened in March 2017 to evaluate RTD’s pass programs completed its yearlong effort in February with the creation of a recommendation that will be reviewed by RTD staff and considered for approval by the agency’s board of directors. With board approval, the earliest the public could experience any change resulting from the group’s recommendation would be early 2019.

Individuals involved in the pass program study included members of RTD staff and external stakeholders representing schools, businesses, municipalities, neighborhood groups and advocacy organizations. The group was asked to determine whether changes should be made to RTD’s pass programs, ultimately addressing the question of whether RTD is offering the public the passes they want and need and pricing them appropriately. It formulated several options, all of which were modeled by a consultant for their impact on total fare revenue and ridership.

Participants in the study had been asked to consider eight guiding principles in their work: brand loyalty, convenience, cost-effectiveness, equitable access, increased ridership, an ability to meet strategic budget plan targets, revenue certainty and simplifying rider-operator interactions.

Elements of the group’s recommendation include:

  • Adding a low-income pass, which would provide a 40 percent discount to qualifying riders whose incomes are at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. This pass effectively serves as an expansion of the existing RTD nonprofit program, which has been in place for decades to assist low-income riders and would be retained.

  • Adding a youth pass, which would discount the fare for riders 13 through 19 years old by 70 percent. Individuals 12 years old and younger would ride free with a fare-paying rider.

  • Retaining EcoPass, Neighborhood EcoPass and CollegePass and pricing them based on updated service level areas (for EcoPass) and value of the trips taken (for Neighborhood EcoPass and CollegePass). Price increases of more than 20 percent for EcoPass holders, neighborhoods and higher education institutions would be phased in over three years.

The working group has no inherent authority to make changes to pass programs. RTD staff this year will conduct an extensive review of the group’s recommendation and provide periodic updates to the board. Public meetings explaining changes that could result from the recommendation will take place later this year, and the details of those meetings will be posted on this webpage once they are scheduled. A board decision could take place later this year.

View the latest report to RTD’s board of directors, March 13, 2018


Learn more about Denver’s Vision Zero Project:


Learn about dockless bike share:


Contacts for the new Bike Share systems:

Spin – Gino Wilkins – 415-756-3094 –

Limebike – Cesar Cardona – 510-508-2787 –

Ofo – James Liao – 408-623-3421 –

Learn more about the GO Bond:



Learn about the Quebec Alternatives Multimodal Improvement Project:


Learn more about the Syracuse Street Corridor Study:


Learn more about the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Extension Project: