• Every Sunday from 10am-2pm beginning Oct running thru December (don’t worry the eTuk’s are heated) the Northeast Transportation Connections will be partnering with eTuk (a startup in RiNo) to provide a FREE circulator from the 29th Ave Town Center to the Stanley Marketplace.

  • What’s an eTuk? An eTuk is an 100% electric TukTuk (think electric pedicab) – they have been called TukTuks because that’s how the gas powered models traditionally sound ‘tuk tuk tuk tuk…’  ​

  • How do you get a ride? Look for sandwich-board signs at each of the locations where the eTuks stop (see map below), simply wait at one of these signs and when it comes by get on board and go for a FREE ride to one of the next stops! There will be two circulating eTuks that seat six people per eTuk.

  • Where are the stops? The Stapleton eTuk Circulator will run from the 29th Ave Town Center to the Stanley Marketplace with stops along 29th Ave at Central Park Blvd and at Beeler St… sorry no side trips please pick-up and get dropped-off at a designated stop.

    The Stapleton eTuk Circulator is a pilot program designed to give the community options besides always driving to destinations. This will be the third circulator in Denver using eTuks, the first being in RINO on Friday’s and Saturdays and the second on south Broadway on Thursdays.

    We want the community to start thinking about other ways of getting around the neighborhood even if its simply on the weekend when you want to go to the Farmer’s Market or to brunch in the area.  If we can give you a fun experience by leaving your car at home then hopefully you will continue to seek out other ways of getting around.

    Once this pilot is over we will evaluate the program and if (when) successful we will likely expand the circulator to include more destinations like the Eastbridge Towncenter, and the A-Line’s Central Park Station.