DENVER – Denver Public Works is educating residents about two new High-intensity Activated crossWalks, known as HAWK signals, that are operating, starting today, along Martin Luther King Jr, Boulevard, just west of Havana in the Stapleton neighborhood. The signals stop vehicle drivers so pedestrians can safely cross.

People crossing MLK to access the new Eastbridge Town Center can now push a button to activate the HAWK signals. Drivers are required to stop when the lights are red. The signals were installed by Evergreen Development, in partnership with Forest City Stapleton, and will be operated and maintained by Denver Public Works.

There is only one other “HAWK” signal operating in Denver, on the eastbound I-70 exit ramp at Pecos and it’s maintained by CDOT. However, residents can expect to see more HAWK signals in Denver in the coming months: one is planned along Morrison Road in West Denver and another at Green Valley Ranch Boulevard & Walden Street. The HAWK device is used on roadways with higher traffic volumes. They cost about $150,000 dollars to install, where a traditional traffic signal costs upwards of $300,000.