carpoolsmallWhy carpool?

10 reasons why you should carpool from


If you are reading this, chances are you already have good reasons to carpool. We’ll list the top reasons here anyway to strengthen your resolve to carpool.

The obvious:

1.  Save on gas

2.  Save time by using the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Express lanes along your commute

3.  Save on parking costs

4.  Save the environment and reduce your carbon offset

The not-so-obvious:

5.  Save your energy  –  Driving is a complex activity that requires decision making, hand eye co-ordination, good reflexes, split-second decision making and an alert mind. Even if you don’t realize it, is an activity which can contribute to making you tired. Ride a few days instead of driving and feel the difference for yourself.

mp9003863726.  Have better control of your work schedule  –  This is easy to miss, but in the daily grind your work can control some of your schedule. To lead a richer and more fulfilling life, experts agree you need to be in control of your schedule instead. Carpooling is a commitment which may help your resolve to be on top of your work schedule.


7.  If available, get carpool / vanpool prime parking spots on your campus  –  Some employers and institutions have premium parking spots as an incentive for carpooling. These premium spots will save valuable minutes every day – for example for finding a parking spot, walking from that far away parking spot to your workplace. Chances are your employer may have such measures in place already (or may consider introducing them at your request).

8.  Reduced traffic congestion if more people carpool  –  This is a long term benefit and would be visible if a large number of people start carpooling. The more people carpool, the lesser will be the heavy congestion on the roads. You can join the campaign today – start carpooling.

AA0107679.  Reduce dependency on oil  – Oil is a precious and finite resource on this planet. We will run out of this resource at some point of time, the only question we do not have a definitive answer for is when. This is also a benefit that would be visible if a large number of people start carpooling.

10.  It’s fun! It’s easy!  –  Daily commutes if you drive alone can be boring. Same old “highway traffic advisory” and “eye in the sky” reports to watch traffic may become routine, habitual and even addictive. Take a break from these and step into the carpooling world which forces you to relax and be more patient by virtue of other people traveling with you, and yet HOV and Express lanes reduce your commute time.




What is carsharing?

from WikiPedia:

“Carsharing” or “car sharing” (US) or “car clubs” (UK) is a model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. They are attractive to customers who make only occasional use of a vehicle, as well as others who would like occasional access to a vehicle of a different type than they use day-to-day. The organization renting the cars may be a commercial business or the users may be organized as a company, public agency, cooperative, or ad hoc grouping.

Here is a comparison of several Denver carsharing services from 5280 Magazine: “Break It Down ­‑ Car Shares in Denver”




What is vanpooling?


Vanpooling could be your solution. If you travel 15 miles or more each way on your commute, you may want to gather the troops (your coworkers and friends within your route) and start a vanpool today. 1-1242917533s3JzVanpools give access to a van for 5-15 people (from a 7-passenger minivan to a 15-passenger full-size van), complete with insurance, maintenance and fuel. And you split the costs between all members of your vanpool, saving you money and keeping stress levels low. If you don’t know anyone in your area with a similar commute for vanpooling, let Way to Go help you. Click below to register and find a vanpool that works for you. There are numerous vanpools in the Denver metro area to choose from. Just try it! Save yourself the cost and hassle of commuting alone.

To learn more about your local vanpool options, click here.




My Way to Go

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has a new and comprehensive tool to help you find alternative commuting options. It’s called My Way to Go. Just enter your starting point and destination, and it will give you maps of the best walking, biking, public transit, and driving routes in your area. It will also help you form carpool and vanpool networks by searching for friendly commuters near you who are going in your direction. Try it out:


My Way to Go includes the fantastic Guaranteed Ride Home program which offers free taxi rides to commuters using alternative transportation modes in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as family emergency, stolen vehicle, unexpected change in shift schedule, etc. This program is available to those whose employers provide RTD EcoPasses or who pay for a stand-alone membership to the program. Check out the website for more information.




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