The Prodigy Bike Library

Want a great way to get some healthy outdoor exercise? Need a bike to get to and from work or the train station? We’ve got you covered! We’re partnering with Prodigy Coffeehouse to bring you the Prodigy Bike Library.

  • become a member and check out a bike whenever you need one

  • keep the bike for 48 hours before renewal is required

  • a $20 donation gets you a year-long membership and a free helmet!

  • for more info, email

The Bike Library is located at:

Prodigy Coffeehouse
3801 E. 40th Ave

and is open during business hours, 6:30am-5pm every day.

Come visit us to sign up for this unique program!

Prodigy provides technical and ‘applied skills’ training through pre-apprenticeship and on-the-job Professional Development modules taught by educators, business mentors and specialty coffee craftsmen. Young adults build skills, social capital and understanding for success in the new economy, with an impact goal of social mobility.

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